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Create smooth, silky straight hair styles and eliminate frizz. Top quality ceramic hair flat irons and ceramic styling tools emit ion reflectives that enhance and renew hair as well as generate far infrared heat that helps retain hair's natural moisture. Ceramic Tools hair straighteners add shine and luster to any hair style or hair type from very fine to thick and coarse. Short to long hair, smooth, flip or shape or straighten to the trendiest straight hairstyles.

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Featured Items

Babyliss Flat Irons
Smooth gliding plates with titanium, instant heat and elegant Swarovski crystals Babyliss with diamonds.

Gold N Hot Hair Dryers
Hair drying challenges? Gold N Hot is ideal for all hair types even hair extentions and wigs.

Wigo Wet to Dry Flat IronWigo Ceramic Flat Irons
Superior performance for damp or dry hair, Wigo flat irons are top choice.

Ceramic Tools Dula Voltage Curling IronTravel Curling Irons
Create frizz free curls with Ceramic Tools curling irons that are dual voltage.

Hot Tools Flat IronsCeramic Flat Irons
Ceramic, tourmaline and titanium flat iron gets hot, stays hot. straightening irons by Hot Tools.

dual voltage styling toolsDual Voltage Styling Tools
Great travel companions. dual voltage professional hair styling tools.

Best Seller

1" Babyliss Pro
Ceramic Tools Hair Straightener
for all hair types

ceramic tools hair straightener

Professional 1" ceramic hair straightener with 25-heat setting rheostat control. Ceramic Pulse heat technology for instant and even heat. Slim ceramic plate design for versatile styling and soft grip handle for comfort. Heat up to 446º F. Ideal for all hair types. Limited two year limited warranty.
Only $55.00


Ergonomic Grip Babyliss Flat Iron

1-1/2" Ceramic Tools by Babyliss Pro
Ceramic Flat Iron with Removable Comb

Lift, shape, smooth or straighten with a Ceramic Tools Babyliss Pro flat iron with ceramic plate technology for instant heat up to 430º F. Rheostat temperature control makes it perfect for all hair types. Curved, ergonomic grip handle and convenient thumb rest provide for greater styling control. Wider 1-1/2" plates with rounded edges allow for versatile hair styling. Features on / off switch and removable anti-static comb to securely guides hair through plates. One year manufacturer limited warranty.
Only 45.00


Babyliss Mini Flat Iron

1/2" Ceramic Tools Babyliss Pro
Mini Flat Iron #CT3050
Dual voltage for worldwide use

Ceramic Tools Babyliss Pro flat iron with 1/2" ceramic plate technology. Get instant heat to 420º F. Mini size makes it great for travel. The plates are 1/2" wide the flat iron is only 6" long. Features an on/off switch and indicator light. Dual voltage for worldwide use. Includes a one year manufacturer limited warranty.
Only 35.00


Babyliss Flat Iron w/ Comb

2-1/4" Ceramic Tools - Babyliss Pro
Ceramic Flat Iron with Removable Comb

Professional flat iron with 2-1/4" ceramic plates and ceramic pulse technology for instant heat. Rheostat temperature control heats to 446º F makes it perfect for all hair types. Firm grip handle and tip grip provides for ultimate styling control. Removable comb can be positioned for use with right or left hand. Also features on / off switch, indicator light and 9-ft. power cord. One year manufacturer limited warranty.
Only $72.00


Heat Resistant Pouch

Heat Resistant Styling Tools Pouch #AB-802

Great for home, school or travel. Store your flat iron immediately after use in this heat resistant pouch. Safe up to 410ºF. Pocket on back holds cord and small accessories. Store safely anywhere; counter, suitcase or travel bag.  Only $22.00


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