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Professional Shampoo

Moisturize, strengthen and protect hair with any American Pro Hair Care shampoo. Fortified with natural vitamins, proteins and vital nutrients, our professional formula shampoo has moisture locking ingredients that helps give hair body, luster and shine while leaving hair healthy, revitalized and protected from the harsh environmental elements. Normal, dry, curly or chemically treated hair, there is a formula perfect for any hair type.

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Featured Items
Babyliss Pro Hair SetterCeramic Ionic Hair Setters
More volume, shine and longer lasting curls with Hot Tools, Profiles or Babyliss Pro Hot Rollers.

dual voltage styling toolsDual Voltage Styling Tools
Great travel companions. dual voltage professional hair styling tools.

Gold N Hot Smart Heat flat ironsCeramic Hair Straightener
High performance ceramic Smart Heat flat irons by Gold N Hot knows what's best for your hairs.

Andis hair dryersAndis Elevate Hair Dryers
Tourmaline and ceramic hair dryers by Andis for a softer, quicker dry.

Hard Bonnet Hair DryerLavaTech Hair Dryers
Infused with lava ceramic and tourmaline LavaTech hard bonnet hair dryers for superior conditioning.

Vita Elements
Botanical Shampoo

Botanical Shampoo

Herbal therapy enriched shampoo with natural root, extracts, proteins and nutrients to revitalize. Pure elements help maintain, moisture, growth and natural vibrance. Great lather adds full body, volume and shine.     Only $9.00

Vita Mend Revitalizer Shampoo

Vita Mend Revitalizer Shampoo

Enriched cleansing shampoo to strengthen and revitalize hair. Fortified with proteins aloe vera and nutrients to rejuvenate hair. Great for bleached or chemically treated hair.     Only $8.50

Vita Moist Detangler Shampoo

Vita Moist Detangler Shampoo

Moisturizing detangler shampoo and developer for dry, brittle and damaged hair. Enriched with essential proteins, aloe vera and nutrients to rejuvenate lifeless hair. Leaves hair silky and manageable.     Only $8.50

Vita Pure Fragrance Free Shampoo

Vita Pure Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

Helps lock in natural moisture on all types of hair. Shampoo enriched with silk proteins, nutrients and natural extracts for healthy maintenance. Vita Pure shampoo leaves hair revitalized and more manageable.   Only $8.50

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